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Is the worst case scenario a replacement engine due to over heating?

Serious overheating can result in engine failure, but even if it is not a total failure, it will reduce component life, such as head gaskets, hoses, bearings, etc.

Can the controller be fixed to any car or van?

As long as it has electric fans, then yes.

How long is the ROI? How many miles or how much time/fuel consumption and general wear and tear before the controller will pay for itself?

The fuel consumption will improve if you switch from an engine driven fan to an electric fan and controller. It’s a “how longs a piece of string” question as if you do 12,000 a year
it will pay for itself quicker then if you do 2,000 but there will definitely be an improvement.

How much CO2 emissions will it save?

We can’t give exact figures as it will vary from car to car, driver to driver, but it definitely will give a benefit from reduced fuel usage.

Will it work on new fuel cell or fuel type cars?  Can it be attached to any fan driven cooling system?

Hybrid cars have petrol engines, and so will have cooling fans, but as this is more for classics or modified cars as modern cars are much better at cooling than older cars.

Are you the only retailer of this in the UK and Europe?

Yes, we are the only company currently licensed to supply this in the UK and Europe

What is the life expectancy of the controller?

The controller should last the life of the car.

How long would it take a professional to fit one of these controllers?

We estimate half a day

Do you need any advanced technical knowledge, electronics, engineering or car mechanics experience to fit one of these controllers?

Anybody competent in auto electrics can fit this. It is no more difficult than fitting a CD auto-changer, or similar.

Is there an installation guide?

Yes. Installation Diagram

What do I need to install it completely? 

You will need cables, connections, and hand tools for all your wiring and cable needs you will find them at

Is there somebody to call if I want advice not just sales?

Yes, please call us on 07831239689 or use our contact form