Jensen Monday Club

Steve Payne


1973 Interceptor 3. 136-8494

Steve uses the car as his daily transport, and is a regular winner of the Wally Hall Shield for the Interceptor that covers the most mileage between International shows. He won it again this year, having won it twice previously. This year was 9500 miles, last time ( 2 years ago ) was 11000 miles and the time before that was 10500 miles. Here is a picture of Steve with his son Tommy with the shield.


136-8494 left the factory in 1973 in BMW orange (not Jensen orange) and remained with the original owner until 1995. The original owner had the car re-sprayed metallic Emerald green in 1992, by a Jensen specialist.


The car passed on to it's second owner, who used it as a company vehicle, adding 50,000 miles to the odometer. The owner purchased the car from the company on his retirement, but found he was using it too little to warrant keeping it after  a gearbox and front suspension overhaul.

He sold it to Steve in 2000, and the car came fitted with tubular "header" exhaust manifolds, and a very "hot" cam, which gave poor idling, and no vacuum for the braking servo!

After 10 months of ownership, Steve decided that the engine was worn and need a rebuild, and that a cam change was required to make the car more drivable. The engine was removed and the block re-bored. New Keith Black 9.7 -1 pistons were fitted, along with a more drivable cam (this would become the subject of another change later, as the cam supplied was incorrect. The article written about the cam change can be found in the technical  menu).

The car also received Holley Commander fuel injection. An article can be viewed in the technical menu.

During the engine rebuild, Steve found an article on the web regarding cylinder head gaskets, and one of the reasons the 440 engine overheats (see the technical menu for details). Steve modified the new cylinder head gaskets, and along with 2 extra cooling fans mounted on the front of the radiator (with automatic and manual operation), and a modified radiator, the car has no overheating problems, even with the air conditioning running on the hottest days.

The car has just received a 7 piston Sanden air conditioning compressor, mounted on Brackets from K and D Enterprises. This has given the car modern air conditioning performance, with much greater access in the engine bay due to the much smaller compressor (an article on the fitting will follow soon in the technical menu).

The car has since received:

1. Re-trimmed front seats, with S4 seatbelt mounts.

2. Two new front wings.

3. A new rear wheel arch.

4. polyurethane front suspension bushes (to replace the rubber bushes fitted in 2000, which were is shocking condition after such a short time).

5. Central locking.

6. Fuel injection.

7. Adjustable gas shock absorbers.

The car is an ongoing project, with restoration and modifications taking place on a regular basis. Watch this space...