Jensen Monday Club

Ace Cafe London, June 05


The “Classic Cars” magazine’s monthly meeting (every 2nd Tuesday) at the Ace Café, London, UK.


About 6pm, car park filling up now; Steve Payne and Chris Miller’s Interceptors in prime spot by the front windows.


An unidentified (Chevy ?), the two Interceptors, a Daimler SP250 (a.k.a Dart), Fiat 500 Arbarth and a Jag Mk2.


And then this arrived, built in 1916, it was driven to the event by five people in period fire-fighter uniforms ! You’ll also see a film crew to the left which came to interview the Fiat 500 owner – they also did an impromptu piece on the fire engine.


Car park filling up now.


“Planet Voodoo” – be afraid, be very afraid…


Harry Potter arrived, making more noise than any other car (so far that evening), although disappointing to see it drive rather than fly in. Note the registration plate on this Anglia 105E.


Big enough carbs on your E-Type sir ?


This was my favourite car on the night (Iso Griffo); it was just 500 miles after a total ground-up restoration – looked fantastic and was even louder than Harry’s Anglia.

So many cars turned up that they had to spill over into the car park of the business next door. Merc, Westfield, Lotus Élan, more Westfield's/Lotus 7s (?), Porsche 911, E-Type, Lotus 7 and another E-Type.


Here’s the best paintwork (more on that later) and panel fit of the evening:

Thanks to Jensen e-mail list member Roger Megens for identifying the car below as a 1960 Lincoln Continental Coupe.



A posse of Porsche, there were load's of them dotted about in the street outside. There’s a 914 just behind the 911, with and MG and Alvis for company.


This is the Anglia leaving with a massive tyre burnout which sprayed hot rubber and tarmac all up the side of the beautiful blue car with the perfect paintwork – not a nice ending to the evening…


Last to arrive was Jay Kay (of the pop band, Jamiroqui) and “minder” in his Merc roadster.