Berrow Sands January 2010


Due to really boring stuff like work and other commitments the Monday Club has been a bit thin on the ground of late. To remedy this Chris Miller came up with the excellent idea of having a barbeque on the beach as an introduction to the new year.

A quick look at Google Earth came up with Berrow sands in the county of Somerset, which allows cars on the beach.

It is also right next to the Berrow brewery. This played no part whatsoever in our decision ;0)

As the 2nd of January fell on a Saturday, that seemed like a good time too meet up, and so various wives, girlfriends, kids, and dogs were bundled into cars.

It was -2c when we set out, but this warmed to an almost tropical 0c by the time we arrived.

Nice welcome...

Steve takes precautions.

Steve now wears a kilt as sheep have got used to the sound of zips :0)

Now the Jensen content gets a little thin now as Chris Miller's car has stood for a long time with him working in London, so has a few gremlins which need sorting, and my car has still not had the cavity wax injection into the new sills, so although taxed and tested and perfectly road worthy, I didn't want new sills rotting off by the end of March due to no corrosion protection, so this just left Steve in his car.


Chris rolled up in his Vauxhall, very bravely just sporting a tee shirt. As the temperature didn't get above 0c all day, this was either epically brave, or foolhardy.

I suspect it was foolhardy as a few moments later...

Steve and his girlfriend Zoe were more suitably attired for the conditions.

We just had time for a group picture before everyone ignored the warning and headed off to look at the ship wreck while me and Chris got the food going.

Chris had done some home made carrot and chilli soup, which was very welcome, and also brought some bangers and burgers.

The soup warming nicely.

And bangers and burgers steaming in the cold.

Meanwhile, at the ship wreck.

The cold was really setting in now, so everyone was glad of the hot soup on their return.

There was even a vegetarian option.

Roasted peppers for the veggies in the group.

I had brought my dog Boo, and Steve had brought his dog Arnold

Boo Arnold

So they got some doggie treats so they didn't feel left out!

My girlfriend Kate tries playing Frisbee with the dogs to try to get warm.

It's become a Monday Club tradition to buy each other a small x-mas pressie, and this year was no different.

Steve with his pressie from me.

Me with my pressie from Steve.

Which turned out to be a rather nice coffee mug with a cartoon of my car on it

And in the festive spirit, we got out the x-mas crackers.

Bah, humbug say Scrooge and Marley...

But Chris's wife Elspeth and his son Alex managed to look more like it was a time of celebration

And Kate and Zoe gave it a good shot as well

Chris having been visited by the ghost of x-mas past redeems himself with a party hat.

Hyperthermia was now setting in, so a little exercise was required to get warmed up. There is a walk to the top of some local cliffs, so off we set.

And excellent views were to be had from the top.

Now frozen to the core, we headed into the cafe for hots mugs of tea to help us thaw out before heading home

Signs of life were beginning to reappear...

Me and Steve, with me sporting very bad "hat hair"

The kids eating ice cream!

Well, that was it for the day. A great start to 2010 and hopefully a bit more Jensen content and activity from us during the new year.

Hope you all have a great new year, and to finish, a shot of Chris's youngest who has started it as he means to go on with a face full of ice cream!