Jensen Monday Club V The Breakfast Club

We had been looking for an interesting day out to take the cars to, and during the search had come across "The Breakfast Club", which is hosted at RAF Cosford. Liking a challenge, and a good breakfast, we decided to give it a go :0)

We contacted the organiser via the web site and asked if he has spaces in the October event for 3 interceptors. He replied saying he loved Interceptors and would save us 3 front row spaces. Nice fellow!

Me and Steve arranged to meet early doors at the Tewksbury junction on the M5. Steve had hit a dead deer in the road on his way to meet me, and as we pulled away I could see bit's of viscera hanging under his car. Nice...

HID headlights lighting up the early morning gloom.

We followed this with a Quick blast up the M5 to Frankley services to meet Chris.

Chris with 1 brake light out...

But at least the Auto-Tune on his EFI was working

RAF Cosford is a quick blast up the M6, then 3 junctions up the M54 (signed for North Wales).

The sun had started to come up, with the moon just setting over the Motorway.

Steve riding into the setting moon.

We had made good time and were amongst the 1st to arrive, along with a group of Subaru owners.

Me and Chris were still running 160 degree summer thermostats, so the engines were not getting hot enough to get anything out of the heaters. As a result we rocked up half frozen, which is why Chris couldn't turn the steering wheel enough to be able to park properly :0)

Desperately cold, we went to the cafe to try to get breakfast and a hot drink, but being early it was still closed. Brrrr...

One of the next to arrive was a nutter in an open racing Lola. He said he had driven for an hour and a half in this thing to get there, which given the state of me and Chris with just no heaters, it was amazing he was still alive. He said he had been ok until his hat blew off!

Just when you thought no one would arrive in anything less suitable for winter weather, 2 fruit loops arrived in Ariel Atoms.

Check out the Video of Jeremy Clarkson driving one!

We carried on around the car park still waiting for the cafe to open.

A Morgan Aero in white

A later one without the "cross eyed" headlights!

My possible next daily driver...

Mitsubishi FTO

Finally the cafe opened, to huge queues...

But all good things come to he who waits, and our patience was rewarded by a bacon and sausage butty, and a hash brown, along with some much needed hot coffee.

With the blood now reaching fingers and toes, we set out for some more sight seeing. In the gift shop they had an excellent range of owners manuals.

The car park had filled up substantially now, so we had a look around.

MK1 Capri 3 litre

Vauxhall VX220's

BMW Z3's (must have been a hairdressers day out :0)

Classic Mini and Mini Moke

TVR Cerbera and Sagaris

Check out the rear spoiler!

Ferrari Mondial and 348

Lotus Elan

MK1 Escorts



Chevy Pick Up


Despite the exotic machinery on show, people were queuing up to take snaps of the Jensen's

Part of the day is entry into the RAF museums. The biggest hanger, the "Cold War Aircraft" was unfortunately closed for maintenance, which was a shame as there is a Lightening fighter in there that Steve had worked on when he was in the RAF, but there were still some fantastic aeroplanes in the other 2 hangers to see.

Pop out air brakes.


Someone thought this was a good idea!

Now this is what you call a disc brake!

This was a real shame. It's the TSR2, which was an aircraft way ahead of it's time, but was never developed due to Britain being broke and having to pay of it's WW2 war loans. Steve Payne said that 2 Lightening jets escorted it during test flights, and they couldn't keep up with it. Given the Lightening was one of the world's fastest fighter jets, and this was a bomber, it was shocking performance. Apparently it could do mach 1 at 50 feet above the ground...

It has a touch of the Concorde about it, and similar performance.

This was the proto-type of the Lightening, and it turns out to have been another aeroplane Steve had worked on.

I got really excited when I saw this!

But was once again disappointed by reality..

I had only seen WW2 bombers on film, and was unprepared for the sheer size on this AVRO Lincoln. The Lincoln was the last variant of the famous Lancaster bomber of WW2.

I used Chris and Steve for scale.

The bomb bay area!

Something that should never have seen the light of day...

Chris's favourite.

And some of mine

P-51 Mustang

Hawker Hurricane

Supermarine Spitfire, Merlin Engine, and machine guns

It was now getting on for 12pm, and it is a breakfast club, so people were starting to head home for lunch. I managed to video the Lola and a very nasty sounding TVR on the way out.



All in all a cracking morning out. Great breakfast, great cars, and even better planes. Possibly a good Jensen event for the future?