1st Monday Club Day for Ages. Yay!

Due to the horrors of proper jobs, and all sorts of mind numbingly boring things, the 3 of us have not had a Monday Club day together since the Old King died. Chris Miller decided enough was enough and called a club day before x-mas, and the 5th December was chosen.

Typically, the week before the day my lock up 727 decided to up and die on me. It had taken me 5 months and a LOT of aggravation to get my roller cam sorted (in the end I ignored Comp Cams instructions and came up with my own method, which worked...) and after 500 gentle miles of running the cam and lifters in, I tried the cam and ported heads in anger. Which promptly broke the 727...

I spoke to Greg Ducato at Phoenix transmissions who built the box for me, and he was perplexed as he had "built it plenty strong". He told me to drop the sump and take a look inside. Oh dear...

Bits of clutch friction materials in the sump

Greg was a true gent and honoured the warranty on the gearbox by covering the costs to get it repaired by a UK based specialist so it would be under warranty in the UK in the future.

These are pictures of what the UK based guy found inside. Not pretty...


Ah well, the 3 of us would be there, but in only 2 Interceptors, with the stricken 727 in the boot of my daily driver ready to go the box doctor. Me and the Monday Club's old friend Sir Isaac Newton had taken it out of my car the day before.

Chris's car was due it's annual MOT, so we gave it a once over and found nothing to worry about, so we took it to the test centre and it passed with flying colours. As we didn't really have anything to do other than get Chris's leaking windscreen re-fitted and re-sealed we drank lots of tea and age prodigious amounts of cake. Which was what the doctor ordered as it was bloody freezing.

The windscreen fitter arrived and duly noted a chip in the screen which he set about fixing.


With the screen out you could see the original colour of Chris's car. Chris doesn't like the colour it is currently, so a re-spray is on the book.

Steve fancied a bit more light in the boot of his car, so Chris installed 2 more boot lights for him. Well that's what he claimed. I think he was just having a kip.

And the finished articles, with super bright LED's fitted. This was taken in total darkness, so you can see how effectively they light up the boot for those unexpected late night breakdowns!

We didn't do a fat lot to be honest, and I was more than happy to be the char wallah as it was a warm job on a freezing day, but we had a great laugh doing it and it just reminded us of why we started it all in the 1st place. We did a big slap up 3 course meal in the evening, had a beer, and then went home happy chappies.

Role on 2012, and warmer weather!