Jensen Monday Club

Jensen International 2007


Through an inability to keep a diary, and just bad planning, I had never actually made it to a Jensen International in 5 years of Jensen ownership. As it was at Stratford Upon Avon, which is only 20 minutes from my cottage, and after much chiding from Chris and Steve, I made it this year.

The weather forecast had promised good weather for the day, but it didn't look to good to start with...

Part of the reason I had made it was because Andy Brookes of Appleyard's spares had got my new carpet set!

Very Nice they are too.

We got there about 8:30am, and the place was already a hive of activity with owners cleaning their cars like there lives depended on it.

Just about every shade and model of car was represented, and the standard of the cars was very high.


The entrants in the Gold class was even higher

Not being car polishing types, we got the breakfast on.

Chris tucks in!

This was more like a day out!

After a good feed we took a stroll around to see the sights.

Serious cleaning!

A racing Healey

The unique P66 prototype

Some of the very early Jensen's, and an Austin A40 Sports, which was the Austin version of the early Interceptor.

Including this fabulous S Type.

After all this excitement we needed some lunch. As it was an International event, we brought food and drink of an International flavour.

Beers from Belgium and Scotland

Good old British pork pie

French quiche and Indian bahji's

Chris choking on the bahji!

Barry "Champagne Charlie" Warrener with a bottle of bubbly.

The sun even came out, and the band played to serenade our picnic.

Fed and watered we headed out for some more sight seeing

Serious concours entrance

A tyre possibly fitted the wrong way around

An eventual class winner

A hidden key...

A MK1 with an S4 spoiler

A Coupe

A Jensen lorry  

Steve Hodder's magnificent MK1. Click for a short video and sound clip of his custom exhaust system

Barry Warrener' s tasty CV-8

The best registration number there!

S4 Interceptor from the TV series "The Saint"

The Monday Club motors, with Chris and my car having the gap toothed grins of 8 year olds loosing their milk teeth!

More monster capacitors for Chris's Hi-Fi. He now sells excess electricity to the National Grid!

The lure of the parts dealers proved to much fro Chris and his car now sports a wooden steering wheel. I did point out that he he has a smash he will be picking splinters out of his tits for the next 6 months!

The ultra immaculate Mk1 of Kermit. The car is astonishing, and I think now forbidden from Concours to give someone else a chance.

Check out the polished exhaust pipes...

A mean looking CV-8

More Jensen Healey's than you can shake a stick at.

All that was left was the judging and awarding of cups and shields.

Barry Warrener with his 1st place shield in the CV-8 Bronze class. A big surprise for Barry as he was not expecting it!

An Steve Payne takes the Wally Hall shield for the most miles covered in a year by a Jensen. We have lost track of the number of times he has won this, but it must be near the time where it becomes his for life.

A cracking day out, and all there is left to do is fit the carpets!