Jensen International 2010

The JOC 2010 International was back at Stratford-Upon-Avon, the home of the great Bard, William Shakespeare. I have been barred from a  few pubs over the years, so here goes for my little missive :0)

I had fitted a new 120A alternator and Sandon aircon compressor before going on holiday, and had not been able to source the correct size of drive belts before I went. I had got back from holiday the night before the International, so without my Jensen I had to take my Renault.

Steve and Chris had decided not to enter concourse, so they were made to sit on the club naughty step, which was the far end of the public car park.

After 12 hours of travelling back from Dubrovnik, I was late arriving and only managed the leftovers from breakfast.

Chris had been experiencing a leak from his windscreen so Steve ran round it with some Captain Tolley sealant, which is very effective for leaky screens.

It seeps under the screen seals and dries clear.

Refreshed, we went to see what was happening. The cars had been cleaned and were ready for inspection.

A 360ci S4 model

We went and had a look at the suppliers stands and saw a couple of cars for sale.

We then stumbled across an early Interceptor which was under restoration.

Back to viewing the rest of the concours entrance.

At that Barrie arrived with his MK3 CV8 and a very cooked battery. The regulator on his alternator had failed and it was putting out 16 volts, cooing the battery.

Chris breaks the bad news to Barrie...

Luckily one of the Jensen stands had an alternator, so he was fixed up ready to go home. Not so lucky was the delivery of his new front bumper which still hadn't arrived.

There were also some other Marques in the car park, which were pretty tasty.

There were a couple of cars which had been modified to a greater or lesser degree.

I was now feeling the pace, so had a final walk around.

Well that's it for another year. Some excellent looking cars, and for once the weather was kind, so all in all not a bad day spoilt only by my being in a Renault :0(