JOC International 2013

Well, where to start. Like most British conversations, the weather is going to dominate this little missive.

The metrological society has recently called a meeting to agree and explanation for the current weather (the Atlantic cooling and the Jet Stream moving south are to blame apparently). The winter has been dreadful, and lasted until the end of May. It has been like the "Nuclear Winter" that scientists have predicted after a nuclear war. Interminable and dreary...

Summer has been a washout so far, and so we had hoped for a little sunshine on our backs. What we got was layers of winter clothing and waterproofs instead.


It was as cold and miserable as a tax mans heart...

People were sheltering under any awning they could find like lost sheep

There was one little ray of sunshine in the form of Jensen parts supplier in his goody van of delights

Luckily for us Neil Brookes had bought his 5 gazebo, which is probably the best 5 quid spent in human history, and his barbeque. We had all chipped in with various foodstuffs and drinks, and were determined to have a good day despite the weather.

It was being held at Cranage Hall in Cheshire, northern England, and we had a section of the car park to ourselves.

In a lull from the rain I did a quick run around the car park to take a few snaps. Concourse was postponed from it's usual 10am start as the cars were to soaked to be judged.

One brave soul tried to do a bit of polishing under a waterproof cover

A JOC member had brought his Aston

And an Interceptor R made a guest appearance

The weather was still grim, but people got out their brolly's and got on with it

And like the last moments of the Titanic, the band played on

It was getting towards lunch time, so we fired up the barbi. Neil revealed his new Klingon battle spatula!

You would have gotten thrown off a mediaeval battlefield for cruelty with this!

Chris attempts to set up the barbi

Being a big job he calls for some help!

Neil with his Olympic gas lighter :0)

As punishment for his poor barbi skills Chris got his hat fried

At this juncture, and strange yellow ball appeared in the sky. We had no idea what it was. Maybe some of our international readers may be able to identify it?

We piled the goodies on the table and got a cookin'

Sausages, chicken, beef burgers, pork steaks, and salmon were all shovelled on the barbi


A big thanks to Neil and June, it was excellent

Now, over the years I have taken pictures of Chris enjoying his lunch, but Chris has now become paranoid that our readers think him a greedy fat bas*ard, and refused to have his picture taken. Neil explained the error of his ways...

Suitable contrite, Chris eats a non fattening salad :0)

Fear not, gently readers, Chris was soon munching on animal based comestibles in the time honoured tradition :0)

Steve Payne readily admits his gluttony and wantonly devours a sausage with no hint of shame

At this point Marie reminded us to leave some room for pudding and wheeled these beauties out

Marie looking suitable proud of her handy work

And John from Holland popped over to say hello

After that little lot I had to go for a walk to try to digest it all, despite the odd yellow thing in the sky disappearing 6 minutes after it appeared.

The covers had finally come off and all the cars could now be seen.

It had not been the best of days for concours, but we had a good time any way. Again, a big thanks to Neil and June for the gazebo and barbi which made it a good day despite the weathers best efforts.

And a gentleman at the International complained the Monday Club site hadn't had any new features for a while. Well, here you go :0)

P.S. Steve Payne got a call on the Tuesday after the International to say he had won the Wally Hall shield for the most miles driven in a Jensen since the last International for the 6th time. Well done Steve :0)