Jensen Monday Club

Le Mans Classic 24 Hour!


Steve Payne's Interceptor was pressed into action as transport to the 24 Classic Le Mans. It survived ferocious heat, with the air conditioning on full blast, without over heating. All the cooling system modifications, and the oil cooler paid dividends on what was some of the hottest weather any car is likely to encounter.

An excellent weekend, with enough fabulous cars, old and new, to satisfy the most fanatical car enthusiast. 

A big hello to the Dutch JOC, who made us feel very welcome to their late night parties.

There is no rhyme or reason to the Pictures, just things that caught our eye.

Worlds most expensive Interceptor? The work took many years, and 160,000 Euros, (110,000, or $196,000).  It looked like it had left the factory that morning. Utterly stunning.

Check out the rod operated brakes!

Super charger with waste gate valve on the top

Note the spot lamps turned inwards. Early aerodynamics?

GT40. The most common car at the event!

 Some classic Mopar muscle.

Fuel injection at it's most literal! The next stop down those trumpets was the back of the inlet valves.

Maybe a bit to much for a Jensen?