Jensen Monday Club

ACE Cafe July 2007


As the one day of British summer happened to coincide with an Ace Cafe night, we decided to make hay while the sun shone. I met Chris at his place in Birmingham at 5pm, and we headed off in Chris's car as my car is awaiting delivery of a new gearbox. Steve Payne had a day off work and had headed off early in the afternoon to get a good spot.

The journey down was uneventful, and we arrived in London at about 6:30. This was just before the rest of the classic car world enjoyed the one day of summer and arrived en masse.

We decided to get a bite to eat before it got too busy, and as it was a hot night, a pint was in order.

Chris perusing the menu

Chilli, cheese, and chips, with lashings of red sauce!

10 seconds later...

I have done Ace Cafe pages before, but it occurred to me that I had never posted any interior pictures, so here you go.

Steve Payne, managed to acquire a genuine Jensen overheating cure kit from somewhere.


There was the usual good Jensen turn out, with nearly all the Interceptor variants covered.

From then in, it was cars, cars, cars...




Fairlane 500




This monster!

I couldn't get the entire car in 1 shot!

Next to an MG for scale!


E Type

Lotus Cortina

A trio of Sprites

    A Peerless



MK2 Jag and Straight 6 Engine

  Austin A40 Farina and A Series engine

  Jensen Healey

Ford Corsair

175mph Lotus Carton

Sunbeam Alpine

  Frogeye Sprite

This Austin Mini was painted with aerosol cans!

Aston DB-S


Maserati with familiar looking bonnet trim...

Lambo Diablo (look at the firing order!)

  Maserati Quatroporto

Lambo Countach

De Thomaso





Citroen DS Maserati Decapotable


Road car?:

Complete with number plates, rear fog lights, and road tax!

Old Bill:

Just enjoying the cars

Performance Bargains for sale:

3000 5000


I slept all the way home after all that excitement...