Jensen Monday Club

JOC Technical Day 2007


Here’s some pictures of the Miller family enjoying a day out at the Jensen Owner’s Club annual Open Day at the Coventry Museum of Transport

The museum is free entry and has the usual shop/café etc. There’s lots of vehicles with a Coventry connection (i.e. loads of Jags but no Jensen’s !) spread over two floors. A few hands-on items for the kids but mainly static roped-off displays.

The Trust 2 SSC simulator is usually a big hit but sadly it was closed for maintenance on the day but apparently well worth a look if you’re in the area.


Here’s the first cars arriving in beautiful sunshine; parking was in the pedestrian Millennium area directly in front of the museum. Drip-trays were the order of the day to preserve the fancy flooring (complete with built-in lighting no less).



More general shots of the cars basking in the sunshine.

Lewis Miller wanting to go “Back To The Future”


Three of the Miller boy’s favourite indoor cars.

Calum Miller wishing his legs were a bit longer.


Here’s Thrust 2, unfortunately some of the indoor lighting wasn’t working so poor shots but the scale and engineering of this is just fantastic.

After a picnic lunch in the sunshine I asked Lewis to stand next to his favourite Jensen and this is the one he chose.

So next I asked Calum to stand next to his favourite – and this is what he chose (always copies his big bro).

Next up was Alexander’s choice – arrgh – another Healy !

Finally it’s Elspeth’s turn – surely she’s going to choose an Interceptor even if it’s not mine – but no – she chose this one because of the colour…