MOT Day 2012

After 10 years of mumbling about it, we had finally got organised and booked all 3 cars in for an MOT test on the same date (The MOT test stands for Ministry Of Transport and is an annual inspection of the condition of all aspects of the vehicle).

They were all due at different time of the year, and usually in winter when it is cold and miserable. Being England we went on a June summers day when it was cold, miserable, and wet!

queued up outside

We booked the cars in at the Cotswold MOT centre near to Steve Payne.

My girlfriend Kate had a fit when she saw the incorrectly applied Apostrophe on the sign. English graduates...

Miles the MOT tester must do the most MOT tests per year on Jensens. The trouble with doing so many he now knows where the the dodgy bits are!

Miles getting ready to start testing the cars.

As Chris was leaving to go for a few days in Scotland after the test he went in 1st.

Miles starts the test by checking under the bonnet for corrosion and noting the chassis number

He has a cracking bit of remote control kit that automatically tests the brakes for efficiency, and the suspension components for wear and play, which can be controlled from within the car.

Performing the brake efficiency test

The results are shown on a computer screen

Chris's test results.

There is a large mirror setup and the end of the workshop so he can check the lights are working

Steve was next up and and his car got a good dose of looking at from underneath.

And then on the brake tester

Steve's test results

I was up last

And got a pass on my brakes

I'm surprised Miles still does Jensens as while taking one off the brake test rollers on day he gunned the throttle and the huge torque broke the rollers costing 2000 to repair!

New and expensive test rollers.

All 3 cars passed which was good news. Chris's car was only tested 4 months ago, and mine had only done 350 miles since it's last test, so they should have been fine, but no matter how well you prepare for an MOT it is always a bit nerve wracking.

Well that's that for the next 12 months and just hoping for better weather next summer!