Jensen Monday Club

Classics on the Green


An impromptu car show that is held on Croxley Green near Watford, London has gone on to become a huge event that saw cars of all descriptions descend on a lovely sunny afternoon.

The entrance fee to the show is given to cancer research, so a great day out, and some cash raised for a good cause. Can't be bad. 

The show didn't open until 3:30pm, so Steve Payne worked in the morning, and Chris Miller and myself decided to meet early at Chris's place to do some small jobs and then clean the cars.

That was the plan...

I stopped at the post office on the way to meet Chris and when I came out, for the first time in the 4 years I have owned the car, it wouldn't start. The solenoid wasn't operating, so I shorted the terminals with a large screwdriver to get it off the double yellow lines and save a parking fine.

To save time I put it through a car wash (I know, I know...) which promptly flooded the central locking unit with water, and locked me in the car. I arrived at Chris's and exited Dukes of Hazzard style...

Looking at this, must start the diet again...

I had to remove the passenger door card and connect the battery to the unlock solenoid to open the drivers door which was locked solid.

A quick polish and we were on our way. Steve then rang to say his alternator had packed up and could we pick him up on the way...

Just before the M25, Chris's car started to get very hot. As we only fitted new piston rings and big end bearings the week before, we reduced speed for several miles to allow it to cool.

What else could go wrong...

We arrived at the show to find a large turn out, so we promptly went to the pub (as you do)

Suitably refreshed, we had a look at the cars.

There was a very large American car turn out, with some beautiful examples.

  Challenger Convertible

  Boss Mustang

  Road Runner

  Shelby Mustang

Bentley also put in a good show.



Not to be out done, Jensen were represented by JOC member "Kermit's" immaculate MK1, and a silver MK3 (we never got chance to speak to the owner), along with two (should have been 3) Monday Club cars

Chris Miller's car

Kerry Moore's car

Satan himself arrived, and this is what the inside of his car looks like.


After all this excitement, we needed some more refreshment.

 How cosmopolitan? Steve and Chris sitting outside an English pub, eating American burgers, drinking Belgian wheat beer. Trs chic!

This was at 7pm in the evening, and cars were still arriving. Here are some more of them.

  Why do I see these tiny Fiat's and think "Small Block V8..."

  Steve trying to work out whether to drive or ride the Grinnell

  GT3. Say no more

  Why do I see these tiny Austin's and think "Small Block V8..."

All that was left was to head home, except Chris's car wouldn't start. What was I saying about what else could go wrong...