West Brom 2009

Before we get into all things Jensen, I just need to get a couple of things off my chest.

First of all: What is the point of weather forecasts?

The forecast for Sunday was so bad Chris Miller rang me up and said he would call me on Sunday morning to see if it was worth bothering turning up as it looked like it was going to be a wash out.

I'm now sitting here with the back of my neck on fire from sunburn. I should have guessed really when I poked my nose out of the front door this morning and saw this vision of loveliness.

Second of all: The God Albion!

My bloody home football team. The only team ever to be bottom of the Premier league on Christmas day, and not be relegated. The 2005 season became known as the "Great Escape". The buggers have been bottom of the table now for most of this season, looking more than doomed. Except for the last couple of weeks when they have started winning, including a solid 3-1 victory the day before the West Brom show.

It's still possible they could do it again and avoid relegation. It's the hope that kills you in the end...

Anyway, back to Jensen's. It's become our habit to meet outside the Albion ground to go to the show in convoy, and so it was again this year, with Steve Payne turning up in his Interceptor, and his girlfriend Zoe in her Triumph TR7

They headed off to the show while I waited for Chris Miller to arrive. Both me and Chris were sans Jensen this year, so we parked our more prosaic transport in a car park down the road from the show.

The shame...

We walked down to the show, to be greeted by the functional illiteracy of the organisers (again for the umpteenth year running)

A quick word with Alan Smith, and some black insulation tape restored some sense of decorum.

The regalia stand had really got into the swing with Jensen branded coat hangers.

The West Brom Show is organised by Steve and Tracy Johnson, and he was expecting about 35 cars, which looked about right.

George Zadanko's convertible, with a 500ci engine, and 6 speed manual gearbox is a real beast.

And this silver FF with chrome wire wheels really caught my eye.

Along with this 6 pack.

We decided to take a walk around to see what was about.

A classic car hire company were setup, with a E Type at the show, and a yellow MK Interceptor on a billboard.

And some fantastic cars:

Customised Chevy powered Triumph Stag

Old and new Jag's




American Classics

A couple of Jensen Healey's that ended up in other stands for unknown reasons

All this car business had worked up an appetite, so off we went for a goat curry.

Only to find that the stand wasn't there this year, so in a slough of despond we settled for a Cornish pasty.

Chris with the afore mentioned pasty

There was a large auto jumble sale, so we headed down for a look. Steve got tempted by this grinder as his old one is getting a bit tired.

Suitably refreshed we headed to the more exotic section of the show.

The latest fashion in cheap cars with huge amounts of cash spent on modifications.

The scissor doors cost more than the cars!

Huge stereo's

Classic VW camper vans

Way low!

Feeling our age, we went back to the more mainstream classics.

And a beautiful Lotus Cortina convertible.

It was now time to go and see my old mate Roger Vickerman on the classic bike stand

He had brought along 2 bikes the year:

A 1960 BSA Rocket

And a 1953 Norton Dominator

I couldn't resist trying the Norton

Mark "Pie Man" Manniot's Mk3 was sounding a little off colour, so we have it a quick tune.

And after all that excitement, a sugar rush was needed to steel us for the journey home, so we visited the doughnut stand

Give it was supposed to be a bad day weather wise, and me and Chris didn't have our cars, it didn't turn out half bad :0)