Jensen Monday Club

Weston-Super-Mare 2005


A proposed New Years day Monday Club outing was suggested, and after bandying a few ideas about, a day at the sea side was decided on. Weston-Super-Mare was the nearest to all the members, so various wives, girlfriends, kids and dogs were bundled into the cars, and off we went.

The weather over the Christmas holiday had been superb, being more like spring than the middle of winter. All that changed on New Years day, when the heavens opened, and a blizzard straight form Siberia blew into town...

This picture doesn't even begin to convey how cold and wet it was...

In this one, we were hanging on to the children to stop them being blown out to sea.

In the time honoured British tradition, we soldiered on, amazed by all the other loons who were out and about when anyone with any sense would have been in the warm. Still, fortified with fish and chips, and lots of hot tea, we managed!

Several visits to the amusement arcades saw fantastic battles on the Sega Rally games, and lots of novelty key rings won, so everyone was happy (except for Chris who lost at pool!)

Just time for a few pictures of the cars before heading back to Chris's place.

  Here are the cars parked along the sea front.

And here are the cars parked outside the gents loos.

Don't say we don't know how to show off our cars in their best light!

Speaking of light, believe it or not both these pictures were taken at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 

It was then back to Master Chef Chris's house for a slap up meal (thanks to Chris and Elspeth, it was a cracker).

A great day out all in all, with only 2 blown fan fuses, a burst heater hose, and an indicator stalk falling off to speak of in over 600 miles of motoring between the 3 cars.