Hand Painted Coachline                                            

At Long last I have managed to get the hand painted coachline done. The guy who was mean to be doing it has been ill for a long time and has only just returned to work. As  we were having a Saturday Club day, it seemed a good time to get it done.

Artistic looking tools appeared and he got to work.

The first job was to thoroughly clean the area where the stripe was going.

Then a guide line was marked to get the starting position for the masking tape.

This tape wasn't used for painting, but to ensure that there was a perfectly straight line as a guide to the 3M tape used for painting. This involved lots of eyeing up and tiny adjustments of the masking tape.

Once he was satisfied it was perfectly straight, he then applied the first line of 3M tape

Once the 3M tape was applied the other tapes could be applied using the 3M tape as a guide.

The 3rd tape was then applied.

The 2 filial's were then cut to shape to finish of the lines.

The tapes were then pressed into place to make sure there were no gaps or spaces.

Out came the Leonard da Vinci easel,

And painting could commence

As soon as he had finished painting he removed the tapes before the paint had chance to dry.

The best of it is the price was more than reasonable. Given the cost and difficulty to get vinyl stick on coachlines, it wasn't worth not getting it done properly. It looks fantastic, and finishes off the car nicely.