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Oil Coolers


After overheating the oil in 136 - 8779 on a JOC day at Castle Coombe race track, and the high performance air conditioning compressor in 136 - 8494 throwing extra heat into the condenser in front of the radiator, it was thought a little oil cooling was in order.

As the oil filter is remote, it is a very simple job of having longer hoses made to run from the engine through the oil thermostat, through the cooler, and then back to the filter.

Steve Payne brought a BMW M3 oil cooler brand new from E-bay. This is a long narrow cooler, which fits beautifully behind the air intake in the front valance under the bumper.  Steve has also added a separate transmission cooler

Oil Cooler  Transmission Cooler

Kerry Moore brought a square fan assisted cooler which sits behind both the front grill and the front valance. This has a 1000cfm fan, which will assist cooling at low speed and tick over, as well as on the move. The cooler is a "dual cooler" which can be used a large single cooler, or two smaller coolers if you wanted to run the transmission fluid though it as well as the engine oil.

  Fan assisted cooler.

Both were fitted with thermostats so that the oil is not over cooled during the warm up period. They have proved to be very successful, reducing engine temperatures, and maintaining oil pressure during the hot summer days.

  Oil thermostat

The shocking thing about all of this was the cost of the hoses. A set of 4 hoses, with compression fittings came to twice the cost of the cooler and thermostat...