Jensen Monday Club

Equipment Failures!


As well as success stories, we have experienced (especially Steve Payne and Chris Miller) some shocking equipment failures. All these parts failed well within the 1 year guarantee. One, supplied by a leading Jensen parts dealer, was rejected for replacement due to the fact that the car was "modified" As the car has been the feature of Jensen Owners Club magazine articles on Fuel Injection, and is well know on the Jensen circuit as a modified car, this seems a little odd. It was eventually replaced by another Jensen parts dealer, still under the original warranty.

Please Contact us With Your Equipment That failed Under Warranty.

Latest News.

The steering rack fitted recently to Steve Payne's car has started to leak. It will be replaced under warranty, but it means doing the job all over again... (see below)

Steve Payne's light weight starter motor has given up after 10 months. Fortunately this was at home, and not on while he was miles away in Switzerland (it happened the week before he went). Prompt service from the suppliers has got him a new starter, but he still has the hassle of fitting it.

You pays your money...

1. Chris Miller almost lost his engine to what we thought was the catastrophic failure of a brand new oil filter. It turns out that the truth is stranger than fiction...

2. Steve Payne has had 3 starter motors fail on him. 2 were "Master Parts", one was an unbranded model, supplied by a leading Jensen parts dealer . He is currently on his 2nd high speed starter motor.

3. He has also had  3 "Master Parts" alternators fail on him. He currently has a Mitsubishi 95 amp alternator, which has proved reliable for 2 years.

4. The high flow thermostats give excellent cooling results, but seem to have a life span of about 12 months (approximately)

5. Steve is currently on his 3rd electric fuel pump.

6. Steve is currently on his 3rd water pump. "Master part" and "Mopar" pumps have failed, but the "Watercooler" that is currently fitted is ok after 18 months. It is guaranteed for 3 years.

7. We have just replaced the steering rack for the second time. The first replacement lasted 8 weeks. This one lasted 1 day... A 3rd rack has been fitted (from a different supplier).